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Pretty soon, your troubles will seem miles away. This sign also appreciates your knitted sweaters and homemade candy.

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Avoid conflict by engaging in fun activities like canoeing, writing short stories, and handwriting analysis. Looking for more friendship insight? Forming a friendship with a fellow Cancer can be absolute bliss.


Nobody makes you laugh harder than this goofy sign, whose sense of the absurd resonates deeply with your own. Fixing meals together can be one of your biggest delights. Why waste money at a fancy restaurant when you can fix a delicious meal for just a fraction of the cost? On the other hand, dealing with your insecurities is no walk in the park. Leo may be one of your most charming -- but trying -- friends. Yes, the Lion is warm, generous, loyal, and loving. However, this friend is also bossy, self-centered, and just a wee bit stubborn.

When it comes to your positive traits, the Lion celebrates your tenderness, affection, responsibility, and intuition.

The Signs Of A Compatible Friendship, According To Astrology

When it comes to taking charge of the situation, though, your pal tries to steal your thunder. Over time, your pal will see the wisdom of yielding the floor to you when it comes to organizing parties, splitting the dinner check, or coping with the hotel manager. Mutual interests may include ballroom dancing, shopping for furniture, and gourmet cooking. Virgo is among your favorite friends. You can depend on this pal to get you the exact birthday gift you wanted, right down to the desired color and correct size.

Furthermore, this is usually the person you call when you need advice on anything from finding a new hairstyle to starting an exercise regimen. Somehow, this pal knows how to render honest opinions without hurting your feelings. Happily, the Virgin appreciates you just as much as you adore them. Yes, Virgo finds you a wee bit too protective, while you think the Virgin is a little neurotic. If you still have questions about your specific friendship situation, the Tarot can help.

Making friends with a Libra may be a labor of love for you. You want emotional security, while Libra craves intellectual stimulation. It hurts your feelings when you open your heart to this friend and they change the subject. On the other hand, it irritates Libra when you steer clear of controversial topics like religion or politics. Do you have anything in common? While you like working with your hands, Libra prefers playing with concepts. Together, you can collaborate on some very impressive projects. For instance, Libra can design an outfit and you can make it. Your pal can invent a recipe and you can execute it.

Taurus Friendship Compatibility: The Self-Indulgent Security Lover

The two of you might also share an appreciation for romantic music. Scorpio makes a fulfilling and enjoyable friend for you, Cancer. As Water signs, the two of you are very deep people and like to get beneath the surface of everything from art to politics to philosophy.

Similarly, Scorpio appreciates your nurturing since they often deprive themselves of the things they need most, like good food, comfortable furniture, and handy appliances. Sure, this friend is capable of making stinging comments that make you draw back into your shell. This makes them popular among friends. They are humorous and help in reducing the tensions of others.

They bond well with people of different mindsets and groups and they favor diversity in friendship. If one wants to hold on to the Gemini friend, it is necessary to develop a bond with him on the intellectual level. As long as one is able to serve the appetites of Gemini with respect to new learning and ideas, the Gemini will continue to remain a good friend. Cancer: The fourth sign of the zodiac represented by Crab is Cancer. Cancerians are known for secretive, strategist and reflective tendencies.

The sign is ruled by Moon and is represented by water. Despite their supportive nature they do not make friends easily because they are very selective in making friends. They are also shy and wait for friendship to occur in their life rather than taking any initiative themselves. Normally, they make loyal friends unless their trust is betrayed. People come to them with their problems and worries and they take interest in solving problems.

Leo: The fifth sign of the zodiac symbolized by Lion is Leo. Leos are known for aggressive, dynamic and idealist natures. They are of fiery temperament and are good organizers. The ruling planet is Sun. To make friendship with Leo is very difficult, but they love to remain surrounded by friends.

noroi-jusatsu.info/wp-content/2020-07-05/2845-comment-faire.php They love to be the center of attraction. Since, they are sensitive to their ego; they try to have a one-to-one close friendship rather than friendships with many. They also try to keep themselves in high pedestals and do not like to see their friends outshine them. It is better to behave like an underdog with a Leo. Virgo: Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is represented by Kanya. They are known for their secretive and strategist qualities and categorized as communicators. The element that it represents is earth. Virgos are by nature shy and lack self confidence.

It becomes difficult for them to bring the people together. Therefore, establishing friendship becomes difficult for them. Hence, they are not in habit of frequently changing friends. They like to befriend a person with showy personality for a long period. As a rule Virgos are good and trustworthy friends and good advisors. They become active for help in crisis situations. However, nothing should be done to embarrass them. Libra: Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac and is represented by Scales. They have aggressive, dynamic and idealist personality.

The ruling planet is Venus and the element is Air. They have flair of leadership quality in them. Librans are social people and attract many friends. Like a teacher, Librans are great counselors. They have the inbuilt quality of weighing the pros and cons of everything. They like to be surrounded by friends and hate loneliness.

They are good communicators and excellent debaters. They are party animals and can easily be found in any gathering, parties and functions. They can be easily distinguished in the crowd as they will remain perfectly dressed for the occasion. They act as excellent guides to their friends by giving them relevant fashion tips. Scorpio: Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is represented by Scorpion. They are secretive, reflective and strategists. The ruling planet is Mars and the element is water. They are good organizers. They have very few close friends.

Aquarius And Virgo Friendship

They are known for their wisdom and are in great demand for guidance. Scorpion is known for its bitter sting. Therefore, one should exercise care in cultivating friendship with Scorpio. One should take care not to cross his path or offend him because he may turn out to be the worst enemy under such circumstances. Scorpios are not interested in keeping too many friends but they remain a true and loyal friend to those who are able to establish friendship with them especially in long- term relationship.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is the ninth sign in the zodiac represented by Archer. They are aggressive, dynamic and idealist. The ruling planet is Jupiter, the element is fire. They are excellent communicators and make excellent friends.