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Here’s what to do if you and your date aren’t technically zodiac-compatible.

They admire each others mind, just as much as anything else. Their high intelligence and similar ways of seeing the world allows them to understand each others cues in an intuitive way.

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They are eternally curious creatures who can get lost in deep conversations as they get to know each other. You can also expect a lot of not-so-subtle flirting in the early stages! When Aries-Aquarius relationships are functioning at their best, these two are the ultimate team.

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The fierce inner drive of the Aries will encourage and motivate the Aquarius to aim high in everything that they do. Since Fire signs and Air signs have a shared love for excitement and new experiences you can expect all sorts of crazy and wild adventures.

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Whilst short-term romances between Aries and Aquarius are common and relatively problem-free, longer-term relationships can reveal some personality clashes that may cause problems as they go on. Both of these signs have a bit of a temper on them, and at times love to debate a point a little too much.

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If they allow their competitive sides to get the better of themselves, they can find themselves trying to one up the other as they drive each other nuts! It might take time and dedication, but if these two remain committed to each other the investment can pay off BIG time. They can become intoxicated with each others aura finding the rest of the world just fading into the background becoming irrelevant.

Love between them is dynamic, energetic and bound by no rules. Time will fly by as they share their greatest passions with each other, whilst discovering a few new ones along the way.

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Even when these two are having problems, it can be a very different story when it comes to the bedroom. They have a powerful natural sexual chemistry and together can be kinda wild. Most of the Aquarius natives will still feel attached to their partners, however, without trying to improve this situation. Only some of them will be wise enough to take the right measures to consolidate and improve their couple life. During the second part of , you are persisting in your very honorable desire to renew things in love.

During this period, you will take full advantage of the inner harmony instilled by Jupiter. In full impetus, freed, you will emanate a positive magnetism, you will spread around a contagious joy and you will be ready to take advantage of all the opportunities gifted by this star.

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Beware of jealousy like bubonic plague! During the last months, you will tend to think too much of the future and too less at the present.

This attitude can cause conflicts, especially if your partner is a Libra native. The single Aquarius natives have no reason to worry; if their love life lacks salt and pepper, in compensation, they will find the peace they need. It is possible to have a discussion with your life partner. At work, surprising changes for the entire team might occur.


As long as you keep your head on your shoulders, you will be able to find the best solution. Peace and harmony for the Aquarius natives in love, with a strong capacity for seduction and nice surprises in their personal life. At work, the natives are so dutiful, they might get a distinction from their superiors. Radiating energy, the Aquarius natives will not encounter any health issues during this period.

6 Things BOUND To Happen When An Aquarius Dates Another Aquarius

For you, March comes only with good news. In the second part of the month, you will notice that your finances are much better. Everything you pursue is quickly showing fruits. Aside from some minor stomach issues, you can also boast of your great health! Love flows through your veins and you are emanating sexuality, with Jupiter in the house of love. At work, it is better to dedicate yourself to intellectual activities because you have an agile mind and great communication skills.

In terms of health, you are doing well, although accidents are possible during trips. In the beginning, you may face some small difficulties and misfortunes, which will quickly transform into blind luck.