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With no partner around to distract you, anticipate plenty of time to heal from any past love-related wounds. You may be inspired to re-invent yourself, especially after August 's new moon in Virgo. Changes in your appearance, style, and habits is bound to draw attention from new suitors. What starts out as an ego boost, may get old quick if you suffer any consequences from impulsive decision making.

You have better chances for high-quality love in , when your instincts pick up in helping you to screen out any incompatible lovers from the start. You are spontaneously enjoying your social life, and dodging bad relationship bullets at the same time!

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By the time you reach mid, you are inclined to change your relationship status for someone worthy of your love. Attached Geminis are likely to find that their self-centered focus winds up making some waves in their relationship. You may deal with an unsympathetic partner that is not understanding the attention that you need right now.

It is an opportune time to evaluate if you even want to be in a relationship in the first place.

The challenge may prove to be too great for those in strained pre-existing relationships. You may take the opportunity to expel the toxicity from your life.

For the more happily united couples out there, your self-absorbed phase is able to be survived. In fact, in November , a conjunction in Sagittarius will have you hyper-focused on intimacy and passion. This will allow for to end on a hot romantic note that strengthens the relationship. Early will have you craving commitment and more balance in your partnership.

With three Mercury retrogrades that hit your career house hard, is bound to be a bumpy ride to say the least for job-related life matters.

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While you may be enjoying the position you are in now, the chances of losing a job or missing out on a promotion are higher than usual but not at all guaranteed. Make sure you do not take anything for granted at work in the second half of As comes, the odds will favor you better for the chances that you may be daydreaming about for now. Don't be too discouraged though, because those dreams of yours can lead to a realistic battle plan for how to handle your life if a major crisis were to actually transpire.

In addition, some of you will be able to creatively turn lemons into lemonade with heightened ingenuity that is on your side. The financial sector of your life is under scrutiny this birthday year. This is especially true if you are feeling weighted down by any career-related problems. When Mercury goes retrograde in July, you may be stressing about financial matters more than everything else.

Use this as an opportunity to evaluate your spending habits. Your spontaneous shopping urges may have to be curbed a bit, but you can aim for a savings goal that will allow you to have some greater financial security. Late , you may be feeling less stressed thanks to your efforts in sticking to a budget. Starting in February , Mercury in Pisces will fire you up to make even more goals for yourself that you can achieve in By May , you may be ready to start rewarding yourself for reaching these respectable goals. Your career path this year will be bringing you life lessons regarding the value of independence.

Be cautious in who you trust at work, for the path ahead will favor those who are cautious and watch their backs. You are at a great point to lay low and focus on your long-term career and financial goals. Read contracts very thoroughly and triple-check your work, as the tiny details are what can cause you the most painful headaches. This birthday year, it is recommended to continue to save or invest instead of making any big purchases. Those who are self-employed or are full-time students will benefit the most this birthday year.

June Your friends may be clashing with you on small things this month. Don't let your "besties" get under your skin too much. If you run out of patience, you may find yourself seeking out more independent activities and enjoying some alone time. Key Date: June 12th is a wonderful day to treat yourself to a day of relaxation. Take a day off to unwind and recuperate from any stress that you have been dealing with lately. Your friends will still be there for you tomorrow. July Financial matters take center stage in July, as you start to evaluate where all your money is going.

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You may be urged to make some changes to your spending habits. On September 1, your ruler Mercury will be in conversation with surprising Uranus on your behalf, making it a fun day to invite people over to your home or to travel to attend an event. Mercury is the planet of travel and communication. September 1 coincides with Labor Day weekend in America, a popular holiday to travel short distances with the entire family.

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This Labor Day will be extra special for you. September 5 will be another super day when Mercury and Saturn will be in sync. This is a day when a promise made is a promise that lasts, possibly forever. The exciting full moon on September 13 will light your professional house of honors, awards, and achievements, so watch your career move up another impressive notch. This will be the only full moon of the year to light this lofty house and will be influential for as long as five days after it occurs.

After the five days, the moon will have fully waned. The closer the news arrives to September 13, the better and stronger it will affect you. Pluto, the slowest planet in the solar system, is also the most powerful and holds sway over financial matters. News at the September 13 full moon about money due you could be exciting for the sum may be quite substantial. You may receive a huge commission, fee, cash advance, inheritance, mortgage, court settlement, an influx of venture capital, bonus, or other check heading your way that has your name on it.

Neptune will conjoin the moon, so you may be the subject of enviable publicity or be asked to be on television or Internet TV. Pluto will be friendly to Neptune too, of course, as the moon and Neptune will be together. It seems that you might have created something that brings attention to you. If you have to make a big financial decision, then you should consult a lawyer. Neptune has a side that can fog or confuse information, so you will want another pair of eyes looking over the deal and helping you negotiate it, or to settle on a final answer.

If you have been having problems reaching a settlement or seeing a profit on a deal, you will be pleased with the change you see this month. If an insurance company owes you money on a claim or you are due back child support, the flood gates will now open, and there will be no need to wait in silence any longer. Watch the dates that Saturn stations, which means the planet seems to stop moving, from September 8 to September Whenever a planet goes direct from having been retrograde for a time, it is considered a very powerful period.

For a short period, that planet will not move forward or backward but seem to just hang in the sky as it works its internal engines to prepare to make a U-turn. If you pay attention to the days that span September 8 to September 28, you will see clues of financial news to come. The news will be subtle but unmistakable, so keep an ear out for it. Here is a jewel of a day, September 24, when Mercury, your ruling planet, will meet with Jupiter, the great benefic, on your behalf.

On this day, your partner or a person from your business life, such as an agent or manager, will bring you sensational news. You might want to close on a house, and your partner may be your real estate broker or banker.

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But what about love and romance? Will you have an interesting prospect for enjoying some fun as well in September? The new moon, September 28, in Libra five degrees, will be the most important new moon of to bring breathtaking love into your life. I would implore you to go out and be open to different kinds of people. Sometimes we meet someone we would never ordinarily be attracted to, and he or she becomes the one.

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The reason I am so excited about this new moon is that it is in Libra, lighting your solar fifth house of love, fun, romance, and leisure activities—the ones you love to do. Libra rules this house of your horoscope, and Venus rules Libra. What you would need at this new moon is a friendly, brilliant beam between Venus and another planet. Guess what? You have exactly what you need! Exactly on September 28, Venus will receive shimmering golden beams from good-fortune Jupiter. Oh, my goodness—you could not wish for anything better than this! If you are single, you will want to circulate in the days following the September 28 new moon—you will have ten days.

This new moon will rev up your social life for a year, but what you do now, at the end of September, counts a lot. You might want to choose a few new clothes to give you the extra confidence and pleasure you will need when you socialize. Whether you are a man or a woman, you may want to ask your stylist about how to wear your hair, and for women, see about updating your makeup colors. Both sexes might want to investigate the idea of a new cologne.

If you are attached, you can find new ways to bond together. You might want to schedule a vacation, but it would be best to plan now and take it later, in April, when you can have the most fun. This initiates a new cycle of 20 years. This conjunction will mainly affect the water signs; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

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This also applies for your ascendant or moon in Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer. Jupiter and Saturn are the great rulers of time. They determine the rhythm of culture and history. These conjunctions happen every 20 years and they represent the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. In you enter into deep and fulfilling relationships. Read your full horoscope Aries, click here. In your financial picture can improve enormously. Read your full horoscope Taurus, click here.

Prepare to build a foundation this year that will continue to grow over the coming years. Read your full horoscope Gemini, click here. In you will become more confident in work and career.