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Often, switching will change the houses and move the planets. The further north or south the birthplace is from the equator, the more accurate a placidean house system is. Do you have an approximate birthtime for the Snape chart you like? I'd like to print it and have a look. I can't keep all the aspects in my head. I tend to read a chart intuitively, rather than methodically.

This is probably why I find astrology useful for understanding people, but I'm fairly hopeless at branches like hoary astrology or making predictions. I do know not to sign any papers or start anything new when mercury is retrograde, and do your research but don't do serious shopping until the moon is in Leo. The Master Centaur who was civilized instead of wild like his brothers and became an instructor of young men who became the great philosophers and teachers of ancient Greece.

Maybe he has one of those train wreck charts with lots of planets in one area, in his case Leo. He's lucky and he has basking in admiration down to a fine art. He definitely has all the negative traits of the sign.

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Bit of Aries around, too? He's very self involved. But he's an inept wizard. Only one good charm in him, really, so he's expert at using others to great personal advantage. He exhibits so many negative traits that it's scary to think about. He sure is lucky, though. Okay, no one has done Moody yet I'll have to think about this one. You guys are too fast for me.

I'm still on Snape. Not much in the way of water signs. Fire and earth, I would guess. Moon and mars in aries? Deeply commited to his cause.

Sees right through things. Maybe there are elements of cancer. Perhaps the rising sign? As you say, misspotterhead, not much to work with. Well, it offers a long list of systems - Ancient ones, Modern ones, Indian ones, Equal ones I don't really have the overview to decide which one is best, so I usually leave it with the default Porphyry. It seems to be similar to Placidus though. Nov 1st Scorpio, Capricorn rising: For the houses in general, Capricorn rising seems to fit him even better.

But it does, among others, get him the Slytherin-esque survival instinct which was missing in the double whammy - "Cardinal weak" and leaves him very strong Scorpio qualities, so it's OK for me. But mainly very much of Leo. Scanning through the descriptions of Virgo I was reminded not only of Hermione but also of Percy: Can anybody else see him as Virgo, or Capricorn hard work and strong ambition? I can see both.. Capricorn ambition and Virgo preciseness.

Mostly negative qualities of the signs. At least Lockhart has Leo's luck if not it's courage and magnaminity. What sign is a phoney? But they are pleasers and while other signs may view them as phonies or even outright liars, in their own minds they only want to say what they think others want to hear.

This is usually due to a genuine desire to avoid conflict at all costs, and a very deep need to be accepted, especially by a "soul mate. P We need to open a a thread in Diagon Alley on this topic to discuss our own charts. Lupin IS a Cancer! His character revolves around the moon. Cancerians are great with kids. They have a gentle nature to them and are very sympathetic towards others. They are the type to take people under their wings and nuture them. They also have a great sense of humor! They make great teachers and parents. Remus patiently taught Harry how to do the Patronus Spell.

When Harry had told Remus that he could hear his parents' voices during the sessions, Remus was going to put a hand on Harry's shoulder, but then thought better of it. They shed tears alot, like their cousins Pices and Scorpio. Moon people have a great sense of humor. Snape a little jab by combining Neville's two fears into one boggart with very humorous results. When Harry had tea with him, Remus also made a little joke about only having tea bags, but, perhaps Harry might be tired of tea leaves -- poking a little fun at Prof.

The author mentions that there's a twinkle in Lupin's eye after saying this! I thought someone might have done that a couple of days ago, but school and all, I don't think it was started. Would you like to start a thread to discuss our charts and astrology in general and let us know where you put it? Or if you wish, I'll put one in diagon alley. I think he's a cancer, too. Did he seem surprised when Harry mentioned he heard his father's voice during the dementor's attack?

He's very portective and reassuring. He is studious, single, a loner and a wanderer. Perhaps it's his rising sign. I would place the moon in cancer, too. This would put the sun and moon in the eighth house of inheritance and energy including sexual energy. Not sure that works. I'd almost prefer to put Cancer in the twelfth house, but that would give us Gemini rising.

Back to the drawing board. Not due to any elements of Saggitarius -- but because he is a werewolf. Remus mentioned in the OoP that being a werewolf, didn't exactly make him a welcomed dinner guest. He's a moon baby. JKRowling has his character surrounded by the moon. D Dumbledore's quote sounds like something that either Dr. Suess or Lewis Carroll who are fellow Aquarians would have said. Aquarians are inventors and thinkers. Harry was able to have it in his pocket, just by looking at the Mirror of Erised. Look at all those knick-knacks that are in his office!! What else could be said of Dumbledore?

Lockhart a Leo, I can definitely see that. You pinned Lockhart down to a tee!! Can everyone hear me? And of course his wardrobe of fine threads -- fit for a king. All of his preening and primping. His arrogance and self-importance was just too hilarious! Percy as a Virgo is also right on the money. His brothers chided him for being "perfect Percy. And he did sever ties with his family, with the precision of a knife, didn't he? He thinks he's right and everybody's wrong.

Somebody should kick him in the butt for hurting his parents' feelings -- esp. He turned up his nose at her Christmas gift and sent it back. Percy's clear vision of what he sees as the right thing with regards to the MoM, will soon get clouded over. You know, I felt so bad for Hermione. After all of the hard work that she put into her plans with the polyjuice and bossing the boys -- er, uh, instructing them on what to do in preparation for the potion -- Harry and Ron's transformation was a success.

But Hermione had taken her potion with cat hair and couldn't go with them to interrogate Malfoy. How embarrassing for a Virgo, when all your best laid plans go awry??? Remus is single, a loner and a wanderer. Of course, and I don't dispute the sun and possibly the moon in cancer. But the aspects of loner and wanderer should also appear in the chart.

Sagg could be rising. Where does or will Lupin's fortune expand? And for pluto, what aspects of his life or character are revolutionary? Dumbledore's quote sounds like something that either Dr. I didn't know that Dr. But now that you say it, they do seem to share Dumbledore's - apparently? He cares very much about Harry, and - even though on different levels - about his other students and his staff as well e. Very protective especially about Harry, so much so that it colours his decisions. He lets him get away with breaking school-rules right and left CoS! Snape's plea to DD really touched me: You haven't forgotten that, Headmaster?

You haven't forgotten that he once tried to kill me? My guess would be Moon in Cancer, along with some interesting aspects for occasional over-protection not telling Harry everything and emotional ruthlessness if necessary. It may be possible though that these aspects appear only in synastry with Harry's resp. What makes DD care so very much about Harry, and trust in Snape so much? I really hope JKR will let us know soon. His creativity in magic itself seems to be another Aquarius quality, connected with high intelligence in order to reach his tremendous level of magical prowess and deeper power of mind.

He is pretty manipulative too. A strategist capable to forge complex long-run plans, at least in relation to Harry, which is going on for about 16 years already. A public figure must have an interesting 10th house! He also is magnanimous and forgiving Leo? A wise and powerful leader, able to recognize and carefully place his assets in manpower Snape the capable spy and Potions Master, McGonagall the responsible Deputy Headmaster etc. He also cares about them, as said above. He doesn't need to underscore his status in front of everyone, he has power but doesn't usually wield it.

You only get to see it when needed, but apart from that he doesn't seem to take himself very seriously. McGonagall to call him Albus, and Dobby to call him a "barmy old codger" very Aquarius! The complete opposite to, say, Snape, who does - needs to? He likes music, hums quite a lot according to his Frog Card he likes chamber music and ten-pin bowling - Libra influence, together with his charm? And he is interested in astronomy Hey, could he be interested in astrology as well? I'd rather say that as water signs they are rather emotional, but the level of obviousness is that a word?

Scorpios seem to prefer to hide their emotions - they do have them, strong ones even, but don't like to show them to the world. Hagrid cries quite profusely when he's sad, and doesn't seem to care much about Harry and friends seeing it. So I can see Pisces - or maybe Cancer - qualities in him emotional, caring for both people and animals, etc. If they cry at all they'll do it secretly with nobody near them who might see them like that, or deep within. Sagittarius rising doesn't work for me either, I tried I can see Sirius with a strong 8th house though.

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I'd rather keep to Libra rising as mentioned above. He is studious, yes, but that can be done with a strong 9th house as well.


Pisces Daily Horoscope Today Thursday 13th December 2018

I'd put the blame of the rest on his being a werewolf - or rather the Mars-Chiron square quoted above. And even if as a werewolf he's an outcast, he's a Marauder after all, one of a foursome. That doesn't really seem to make him a single loner. Lupin's Moon in Cancer The beginning of July is a pack of quite nasty dates, full of squares, oppositions and stuff, which mostly don't fit him at all: Sounds rather like Snape but no, he's far more Scorpio than Cancer or, even better, Wormtail.

Everything you feel is okay.

In my provisional chart his Moon is in Pisces, and it looks OK there. He is a riot. And remember Harry and Neville are also Leos. Seuss and Lewis Carroll are Aquarians But now that you say it, they do seem to share Dumbledore's - apparently? What do you think of Saggitarius rising? I don't check dates like you do. I just throw planets in houses and signs on logic and intuition. So please don't think I'm trying to "put you to work" making charts based on real dates. I don't mean to I'm not sure what I mean. But I feel like it's necessary to apologise. That said, maybe Harry's moon could be cancer, too.

He's definitely protective and he seems in that kind of company. His Dumbledore's creativity in magic itself seems to be another Aquarius quality, connected with high intelligence in order to reach his tremendous level of magical prowess and deeper power of mind.

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Maybe uranus in Sagg. He is stubborn and progressive about education and has some unusual ideas on how Hogwarts should be run. He stubbornly sticks to those ideas, too. If we have sagg rising, that would likely put uranus, the sun's ruler, in the first house of the self.

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As an aquarius, that would be reinforcing. What are his dreams and fantasies? Does he imagine a Utopian magical world? He loves music and seems artistic. He's also a snappy dresser. And while he doesn't lie, he is discreet and does use some interesting tactics to avoid conflict when possible. Maybe his fantasies lie in the balance and fairness of libra.

Mars also rules enegy levels and Scorpio is the highest energy of the Zodiac. Knowing what we do about underground resistance organizations and defeatings of Grindelwalds, I wonder if you would consider Mars and Pluto in Scorpio? Too much to think about. Libra rising for Lupin. That makes the 11th house Aries. I feel like the 11th house is really important in Lupins chart. He was the object of tremendous loyalty and self sacrificing friendship from the Marauders. Gotta feel that one out a little.

Serves me right for mostly staying in the Book 5 section. OK, Snape as a Scorpio, natural. Capricorn rising, also possible. But what about Saturn on the ascendant which in or 60 would also be a Capricorn ascendant? That will also give Capricorn looks which Snape has no matter what sign it is in. So has anyone else tried for Harry's ascendant?

I picked Virgo, with Saturn on the acsendant--similar looks, slim, dark, somewhat pale. Also A hard early life, and reserved personality.

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Neville, presuming the same day, could have a Cancer or Pisces Ascendant. He looks so Cancer, and acts it also, really worrying about what others think of him and being a bit timid. Cancers have to learn to get a shell to protect their emotions. Once they develop their shell, their shyness and insecurities may be less apparent.

Dumbledore Aquarius, Cancer Moon and Sag ascendant? However, evening will be cheerful as you sit back and relax with your group of friends, go for dinner or watch a movie. Heaps of work is likely to keep you on toes today. You experience a stressful day at work. In the evening, you may spend quality time with your beloved and treasure small joys of life.

You have an efficient team working for you, but you will need to examine their talents without any biases. If they perform well in absolute terms, you can expect the productivity you require from them, today. Bills and payments! You dislike paying hefty amount for the things which you don't know why you have purchased in the first place.

Seasons= Anotimpuri

It, however, has a brighter side, too. You will now realise the importance of being organised and balanced, feels Ganesha. You will need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of every alternative, before you pronounce your verdict. This is a better practice than to take decisions on a whim, even if slow.

You will also plan on making some changes to your personal life. This is a good period for you, make the most of it, says Ganesha. Jai Madaan tells us how to deal and what to do if you feel stuck in a relationship. Watch the video to know more. Follow us on :. Another fresh day has started and if you are anticipating what your day will look like, then this is the right place to be.

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