Abhijit nakshatra horoscope

They generally acquire top most position where ever they work or they will have independent profession and they will be among leaders. They are inclined towards occult. The health may not be good especially during childhood and parents may have to suffer on some account.

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Marital life is ordinary and they generally marry in between 23 to 25 years. To know your Free Horoscope Predictions for this year, please click at the links below.

The Abhijit Mahurata

Labels: Nakshatra Abhijit. No comments:. The deity is Lord Brahma. Many panchangams give details of 28 minutes before and 28 minutes after clock a.

28 - Abhijit Nakshatra

Rare is the child born under Abhijit Nakshatra. Ancient sources give:. The normal distribution of the panchangam has 27 nakshatras and every now and then, like the leap year, puts in the 28th nakshatra to make everything balance, from an astronomy point of view - calculations called "intercalary" Abhijit is normally used for timing purposes and not for horoscope predictions.

A quick check does show that the moon will be transiting Abhijit on 27 November in many places, but what does this portend? If you want to start something new, it is a spiritual matter and you follow dharma in this matter, then you would check the yoga of the day, Vriddhi -accomplishment , the paksha, shukla , bright half , all looking good, and actually, quite an auspicious time for starting an important project.

It is said that all the nakshatras in the constellations are feminine in nature and "wives" of the Moon.

Abhijit nakshatra is the only nakshatra told to be masculine in nature. The balance of masculine and feminine in all forms is integral, and essential. It is the very nature of our 3D reality and all higher dimensions. On the surface, modern culture is essentially dysfunctional and it takes both creativity and courage to find balance and live from that place of balance. Modern life is faced with many influences and mass movements.


GENERAL RESULTS OF BEING BORN IN ABHIJIT NAKSHATRA-horoscope, astrology ,indian vedic system,

Group minds, cultural influences and the techo-maya of the 21st Century has created a civilisations where minds move too fast, we never slow down and in fact, for many, the last thing they do at night and first thing in the morning is to check their smart-phone for messages. See how the modern techno-babble has taken over? In fact, given the intense pressures of this technological age, balance is crucial to the spiritual journey for without it we cannot find our way through the maze of Maya the illusions of this world and more particularly, the messages of the keepers and tellers of the stories of our age, the advertisers and movie moguls.

They engage us in technologically generated mass hypnosis that decides what the masses eat and drink - and where they will eat and drink - and much of this is destructive of family time and personal health.


We need to find space. Finding space in this time of hurry, worry, curry is an inner challenge. Our consciousness is trained to follow customs and procedures like clockwork and run to schedule.

Abhijit Nakshatra is an auspicious time in the Hindu Calendar. In predictive astrology, those born at the moment when the moon was in Abhijit nakshatra will be highly learned and famous.


They are respected by the society and live like kings. They will generally acquire the top-most position no matter where they work or they will have an independent profession and will be leaders. They will be inclined towards occult matters. Their health may not be good especially during childhood and their parents may have to suffer on some account. Their marital life is ordinary and those with Chandra in Abhijit Nakshatra generally marry between 23 and 25 years.