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So sun will be for father.

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So for female, we should see 7th from Mars Jupiter for spouse as you have mentioned in a few answers already, not 7th from Venus.. If I am wrong, please indicate, else you can delete. So to some extent even mars rules over marriage for males too. Do you see them -vely and significantly affecting the bhaav in your research? VS, do Gulika and Maandi: 1.

How is maleficity manifested? Hi VS, I recently discovered your site and firstly I want to congratulate you for spreading this knowledge in this factual and authentic way. I am a Cancer Asc and my Moon is in Vrischika the 5ft bhava together with rahu. My question is: Moon being Lagnesh good in a Trikona. Saturn 8th with Ketu aspecting it. How should I take this debilitation?

Thanks for your kind words As you might know, I do personal reading for now. If moon degree is 2 degrees and 55, its deep debilitated. Check how far from sun. The brighter moon is, the better it is 2. Not how far is rahu from moon. The closer it is, the worse. For example if mars in own house scorpio or exalted in Capricorn it is a raj yoga.

If mars is weak, this is not good at all. Guruji, While speaking about 9 planets, is it possible for you to share the direction it represents, e. How does one interpret the MD — AD direction together. At the time of birth, Sun is delibilated but Jupiter is in medium strength. In a Navagraha , Jupiter and Mercury are swapped in their directions. Could you please confirm the directions represented by them? Thank you VS. Separately or who is stronger amongst the both. For study purpose sun is east and Jupiter is North east — together? Thanks and regards, Aditya.

Mercury as lord of 9th and 6th house is in 8th house Leo Friendly and Saturn lord of 1st and 2nd joins it in 8th house leo Inimical. In this situation where Saturn has joined Mercury what will be the outcome? Is ther any remedy to reduce negative impact? And what about Rahu?

Significations of the Planets

But both increase the power of the rasi planet owner as well. If ketu sits in any sign say Venusian sign and is also conjunct or trinal to venus, then the power of venus in the planet will increase a lot. Thanks VS! Your replies are the most logical of any online astrologer I have seen! Keep up the good work! The ascendant and rasi was Aquarius. And that that is responsible for the hurdles in getting married for the native. Even more than the fact that Mars is in 7th.

The owner of 7th house Sun is sitting in the 8th house with Mercury exalted , separated by about 3. Rahu-venus-mars in same trine or conjunction in the Kaam trikona will lead to a hypersexual nature and destroy relations due to the same as well. Mars in 7th causes mrit avastha of the 7th during its dasa and bhuktis. Infact they both act as magnifiers of energy.

Just to add to this…what do you think about the Rajyogas that I mentioned? Based on your articles, I think both good and bad yogas can co-exist. Good and Bad always coexist in astrology like in real life. Astrology is meant to be a means to predict real life events of people. Hello Vivek, I see scandals for Ketu and not for Rahu. I thought Rahu, given its nature would have that signification more than Ketu. Is it possible that Rahu would be about financial and sex scandals whereas Ketu would be about spiritual related scandals like that of God-men?

Ketu by itself does not give anything. Rahu -ketu axis affecting AL can give pre disposition for scandals. Does that not make the case worse since Ketu has an unpredictability to it? What if this mars is with Rahu?

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What will be the affect? Different from what you mentioned? And what if this Mars with Rahu is also Retrograde. How will that modify the result if the depositor is well placed — say in 11th house? Thanks AJ. Hi vs sir I meant to ask whether ketu increase the power of rajyoga if it is sitting in trine. How would rahu behave for leo lagna if it is with exalted venus in 8th house of pieces and jupiter in 9th house of aries..

When it comes pratyantar dasa, how much importance is given. In case the ongoing MD — ad is not supporting, can we look at the PD for results. Regards, adi. If L1 doesnt promise something, L2 and L3 can not provide it. A planet in good house but negative sign give good results or a planet in bad house but friendly sign gives better results irrespective of benefic or malefic planets for lagna.

While the converse is true for Jupiter. Have you found this to be correct? Hello VS: Like there are avasthas for planets, is there avastha for bhaavs? A planet in marana karaka sthana e. Jupiter in the 3rd will cause harm to the bhaav. Is this an avastha effect on the bhaav?

What is the difference between this effect and the lord of that bhaav ,say 7th, posited in the 12th loss of the 7th bhaav? Hi VS. For Aries ascendant,jupiter sitting in 9th house MK ,exalted in Navamsa but very weak shadbal, no aspect on it, no conjunction, wearing yellow sapphire will be auspicious? Dear VS, Is there such a rule that if 8th lord and 9th lord aspect each other, 9th lord dasha becomes average to negative but 8th lord dasha gives the results of 9th lord? I heard its a rule written in phaldeepika.

If yes, are there any exceptions where 9th lord dasha would give its own results i. Not sure. Honestly in my research, marriage is one area I have not focussed on that much and I feel that the Point system, manglik etc are not accurate mostly. One needs to just match overall vibrations of one chart with another more than these finer details. For example, sun and moon exalted in navamsa in d1, moon is 5th lord and sun is 6th lord but in navamsa moon is 8th lord and sun is 9th lord. Also, does the placement such as in dushtana etc matter for navamsa? Moon will tend to give results of taurus in the effects related to D9 marriage, overall dignity of the planet etc.

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If You are looking for a Reading.. Tropical Generic Predictions Case Studies. July 30, at am. Hi Vivek, Good article on planets. Best Regards, Umesh. VS says:.

August 4, at pm. Hi Umesh, One has to consider the bhav and its aspects, the ruler of the bhav and aspects on the ruler, the concerned divisional chart D10 for career and also the general karakas for the bhav e.

When Mercury is Weak in Horoscope

Atul Kamath says:. December 14, at am. Please advise. Many thanks. December 15, at pm. Sundar says:. January 20, at pm. January 27, at am. February 13, at pm. February 14, at am. Adidam says:. July 26, at pm. Hello VS, I have a small question, For a cancer ascendant at degrees with jupiter at degrees in it and saturn in seventh house at degrees in capricorn which has aspection on first house. Kindly respond,Thanks. August 2, at am. August 2, at pm. August 6, at am.

August 17, at pm. August 18, at pm. August 22, at pm. September 8, at pm. Mayur Kher says:. September 16, at pm. September 20, at pm. September 17, at pm. September 26, at pm. September 28, at am.

Effects of Moon on Kundli Astrology by Astro Shramistha, India

October 5, at pm. October 11, at am. October 9, at pm.

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October 13, at pm. November 20, at pm. Is very ambitious person and always wants best in life, wants to be famous and rich etc. Whenever we want to check like what is this person wants? Part 1 of this Post. Moon in Sagittarius People Nature, Temperament and characteristics. This people are Moon in Scorpio People Nature, Temperament and characteristics. Your email address will not be published.

Planets and Children

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Who are 9 planets in Vedic Astrology? Part2 There are 9 main Planets in Vedic Astrology. How they look like and more? He has somewhat reddish brown eyes. Famous for being Guru of the devils and stays with them in the Patal Loka. Known as one of the greatest Devotee of Mahadev.

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  6. Lord Shiv speaks highly of him, Shiva has given him position in the 9 planets, Sanjeevani from which he can make dead alive , Shukravar friday was dedicated to him etc. Is very seminal, Splendorous, has dark, short and extended hairs. Complexion is mix of yellow and green color. Is Sensuous, Windy and phlegmatic, very fortunate, wears multi-coloured apparels, is of Rajasic.

    Since had took the Roop of gods and had drank the nector of immortality. Has no interest in wordly affairs.